Baking Up Some Fall Fun!

Baking Up Some Fall Fun!

Crisp fall weather conjures up images of apples and pumpkins, and the yummy desserts we can make with them! November is a great time to bake, and there's no reason your children should be left out of the kitchen fun. Younger children can perform simple tasks, while your older children can help with more complicated recipes, doing math, and activities that require more fine motor skills.


Younger children can:

  • help pour ingredients from measuring cups into a bowl
  • squish cookie dough into blobs
  • count the number of apple pieces, chocolate chips, etc. for a recipe
  • help plop cupcake and brownie batter into pans
  • get messy with frosting


Older children can:

  • help with measuring ingredients
  • stir ingredients together
  • learn kitchen safety (keep fingers away from the beaters!)
  • experiment with mixing colors (food colors into frosting or baking mixes, cookie dough, etc.)
  • help choose and read the recipe


Some of our favorite child-friendly cookbooks include:

Easy Desserts From Around the World by Heather Alexander

Kids Baking by Abigal Johnson Dodge

Kids’ Baking by Sara Lewis

Thanksgiving Recipes by Ronnie Rooney

Holiday Crafting & Baking with Kids by Jessica Strand



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