Battle of the Books - Final Scores Announced

Battle of the Books - Final Scores Announced

Job well done to all of the teams!  12 teams of 5th graders participated in this year's battle.  

  • Our 1st place team was The Bookworm Pizza Tigers with 121 points.
  • Our 2nd place team was The Asian Cookie Squad with 117 points.
  • Our 3rd place team was Uganda Knuckles with 116 points.

Below are all of the scores, organized alphabetically by team name.


The ACE's Secret of a Book – 81

Asian Cookie Squad - 117

Bookworm Pizza Tigers - 121

Bookworms – 108

Galace Girls - 48

Girl Talk - 93

Knights of the Bound Pages - 96

Purple Cows - 113

The Royal Six - 77

The Sherlock Homies - 81

Uganda Knuckles - 116

Universal Book Studio (UBS) - 90


We hope everyone enjoyed the evening! We look forward to hosting the 14th Annual Battle of the Books for 4th & 5th grade students in 2019.

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