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Explore Your Local World

Explore Your Local World

Explore Your Local World

April is a great month to get outside and explore nature! The Mishawaka Riverwalk is very near our downtown Mishawaka location. The Riverwalk offers a wonderful, safe place to learn about nature and get some exercise. Playground equipment, picnic tables, and areas with art and local history make it an ideal place to spend time with the entire family.

If you prefer to visit the Harris or Bittersweet branches, you and your family can take advantage of the outdoor space each of them has to offer. Picnic areas and opportunities for plant identification can be found just outside the doors, in a quiet natural setting.


To maximize the fun and learning that your family can have in our local communities:

  • Check out books on tree identification and native plants. Visit local parks to see what you can find and identify. The Mishawaka Riverwalk has many native plants growing along it. Fun tip: they are easier to identify when the flowers have bloomed!
  • Find picture books about rivers or animals. Pack a picnic and have an adventure in a new spot in one of the parks near the river. Play a listening game: Have everyone sit very still, without speaking, and ask them to point to a noise they hear (the river, a bird, the wind in the trees, etc.). You may be surprised to find out what your family notices!
  • Check out books about drawing or painting and visit local sites for inspiration or take art supplies and enjoy an impromptu art experience. Even your youngest family members can participate in art! Hold a piece of paper against a tree trunk and have your child rub a crayon on the paper to create a unique piece of art.
  • Visit the Heritage Center at the downtown Mishawaka Library to learn more about local history. There are many interesting historic items on display in this beautiful space.


For more local exploration help, check out these books:

101 Trees of Indiana  by Marion T. Jackson

Art Lab for Little Kids  by Susan Schwake

How to Draw Flowers in Simple Steps  by Janet Whittle

Red Ted Art  by Maggy Woodley

Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers  by Kay Yatskievych

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