Fly Away!

Fly Away!

November is National Aviation History Month. 

Even if your children have never been on a plane, they can celebrate aviation month. From paper airplanes to space travel, aviation covers a lot of ground (and a lot of air!).

To celebrate, your children can build and decorate paper airplanes, count the airplanes they see in the sky, or go outside and fly a kite! Just remember - there’s more to aviation than airplanes. Helicopters, hot air balloons, air traffic control, drones and more are all part of aviation.

Below are some examples of how to celebrate national aviation month without ever buying a plane ticket.

Activities could include:

  • Visit the airport in South Bend, to see planes land and take off. For added fun, take art supplies with and draw the different types of planes you see.
  • Check out a book about paper airplanes, and experiment with styles and different weights of paper to determine what style flies best. Does different paper affect flight ability, landing, or ease of design?
  • Have an airplane party, and create competitions, to see who can build the paper airplane that will glide the farthest, go up higher than anyone else’s, or have the best (smoothest) landing. Encourage children to decorate their planes with crayons, markers and stickers.
  • Visit the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago to see a replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer, experience a flight simulator or walk inside part of a 727 to see what a modern-day airplane looks like.
  • Find a local hot air balloon company, and go for a ride!
  • Go on a day-trip: Nearby locations include the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, Lawrence D. Bell Museum in Mentone, and the Grissom Air Museum in Peru.


Check out these aviation-related books:

How to Make Paper Airplanes  by B. B. Adams

Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart by Candace Fleming

Catch the Wind!  by Gail Gibbons

Women in Space by Karen Bush Gibson

Paper Airplanes  by Christopher L. Harbo

Airplanes by Kelli L. Hicks

Who Was Amelia Earhart?  by Kate Boehm Jerome

Fearless Flyer  by Heather Lang

I Am Amelia Earhart  by Brad Meltzer

Pilots and What They Do  by Liesbet Slegers 

Cleared for Takeoff: The Ultimate Book of Flight  by Rowland White


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