Winter Fun

Winter Fun

Winter in northern Indiana can be cold and snowy, but there’s still fun to be had! Inside or outside, this season offers a lot of opportunities for staying active and being creative. Building snowmen and forts are great activities, but there’s a lot more we can do to keep busy and have fun.

Some fun outdoor activities include:

Snow Painting

Fill spray bottles with water and a few drops of food coloring. Spray a design, a path, or a picture or decorate your snowman!

Snow Sculptures

Don’t limit your creativity to just snowmen! Invite the neighborhood kids over and create a snowy art gallery in your yard. When their creations are complete, go inside to thaw out. Then head back outside and visit each sculpture and ask the creator to tell you about it. Why did they choose that shape? Did it remind them of something? How did they decide on the size of their sculpture? Did they add objects or color to it?


Winter days are often sunny, so it’s a great time to learn about sundials. Visit the library, or search online, to discover the basics. Then create a sundial and learn to read it. The simplest sundials are sticks pushed into the ground (or snow). To estimate the time, you just need to know which direction is North and how to read your sundial.


Indoor activities could include:

Obstacle Course

Have your children work together to create an obstacle course. They could create a story to go with their course – maybe the floor is lava, so they can’t touch it. Or the living room is now a pirate ship, so they need to hop on their peg leg, pretend to swab the deck, and walk the plank!

Scavenger Hunt

Write a list of items for your child to find and collect. It could be a thematic list (only red items, or things that make sound or have a smell or similar textures) or a random selection of things that you know it will take them awhile to find! This could also be done outside, if the weather is nice.

Parachute Games

You don’t need a real parachute for this – a large piece of fabric (a flat sheet or a curtain would work). Ask everyone to hold on tight and shake the fabric. Lift and lower it quickly as a group to make it billow like a cloud. Music makes this even more fun!

Add a small stuffed toy to the ‘parachute’ for added fun. See if you can bounce it into the air by shaking the parachute. Just watch out for light fixtures and dropped ceilings!


Looking for more fun activities? Check out these books!

Labcraft Wizards by John Austin

The Kids’ Winter Fun Book by Claire Gillman & Sam Martin

Indoor Games! by Lisa Regan

The Complete Daily Curriculum for Early Childhood by Pamela Byrne Schiller


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