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ROAD TRIP! Audiobooks: How They Might Improve Your Life

Audiobooks are accessible and remove barriers to entertaining and, potentially, life-improving content. Listening to audiobooks may prove beneficial to you, whether it be on your next road trip or throughout the larger journey of your life. 

Books with a Twist: Unreliable Narrators

When reading, can you really trust your narrator?  Sometimes yes.  Other times, though, you may begin to question the one telling the story based on a clue here or an odd remark there.  In these cases, you may be dealing with what’s known as an unreliable narrator.

Reading Children’s and Young Adult Literature as an Adult

Life for adults is often busy and complicated, and finding the time and energy to read isn't easy. Consider revisiting the books, images, and tales from your childhood. Reading children's and young adult literature as an adult, whether the stories are old familiars or new, can refresh your imagination, while evoking a sense of nostalgia and the undefinable comfort that comes from immersing oneself in a good story. 

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