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Apply for a Card

Resident​ Library Card

  • Residents or real property taxpayers of Penn and Harris townships are eligible to apply for a free MPHPL library card.
  • Visit any of our locations to sign up and obtain your new card immediately. 
  • Minors (under 18 years old) seeking a library card will need to be present with their parent/guardian, who will provide the ID requirements and sign for financial responsibility for items borrowed.  The parent/guardian must have an MPHPL card in good standing. Minors under 12 years of age may not check out DVDs.

In order to protect your identity and borrowing privileges, we ask you to provide proof of identity. Only you are authorized to use this card; card sharing is prohibited.

Picture Identification

A valid unexpired photo ID that includes your birthdate and current address, examples include:

  • Valid Indiana Driver’s license with current address

  • Valid State of Indiana ID with current address

  • Green Card

  • Passport

  • Workplace picture identification

Proof of Address

If a physical address is not present or current on your photo ID, you will also need to provide proof of address through the following:

  • Vehicle registration

  • Current bank statement (with preprinted name and address)

  • Current credit card bill

  • Current lease or rent receipt

  • Paycheck stub (current) with preprinted name and address

  • Property tax receipt

  • Current utility bill

  • Checks (with preprinted name and address)


Reciprocal Library Card

  • MPHPL has reciprocal borrowing agreements with over 80 Indiana libraries.
  • Reciprocal patrons can obtain an MPHPL card by providing the ID listed above, as well as a current valid resident library card from their home library.
  • Browse the list of libraries to find out if your library is reciprocal with MPHPL!


Juvenile Limited-Access Library Card

  • Designed to allow minors to obtain a library card even if their parent/guardian is not in good standing with MPHPL
  • Limited to 3 print items (no DVDs or other media materials)


Computer-Use Only Card

  • Available to all visitors, regardless of residence, who do not currently have an MPHPL library card
  • Requires a valid picture ID
  • Minors (under 18 years old) seeking a card will need to be present with their parent/guardian, who will provide the ID requirement and give permission for the minor to use the internet


Non-Resident Library Card 

  • Residents of Madison or Baugo Townships, or of any other Indiana locale which does not support a library through property taxes, may obtain a card with the same ID requirements described above.
  • Cost is $80/year for individual rate; fee is waived for students who are enrolled in any school or college located in Penn or Harris townships and any K-12 teachers who teach at any Penn or Harris township schools. 
  • Michigan residents are also eligible for a Non-Resident card.
  • Expires 1 year after issue


Public Library Access Card (PLAC)

  • The PLAC program allows borrowing of materials at any library in Indiana
  • Requires a home library card or a non-resident card at any Indiana Library
  • Cost is $65
  • Expires 1 year after issue


Digital Card

  • Penn and Harris Township residents only
  • Allows use of electronic materials, such as ebooks and databases
  • Students should click here to apply
  • Adults should click here to apply
  • You will recieve your digital card electronically through e-mail
  • Expires 1 year after issue


Speak with staff at any of our locations if you have questions . We look forward to welcoming you as an MPHPL patron!

Card owners are responsible for all materials checked out on their library card.


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