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Battle of the Books - Final Scores

Battle of the Books - Final Scores

13 teams  of 5th graders participated in this year's Battle of the Books. It was an amazing competition and all of our teams did a wonderful job!


Our 1st place team was The Brainy Bunch with 206 points.

Our 2nd place team was Book Knights with 205 points.

Our 3rd place team was Repetitive Readers "Read, Record, Repeat" with 202 points.


Below ae all of the scores, organized alphabetically by team name.


Arter's Reading Rock Stars -- 182

Book Knights -- 205

Brainy Bunch -- 206

Dumbledore's Army -- 198

The Elite Squad -- 194

The Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them -- 181

5 Bookworms -- 198

LITTLE WOLF, i WISH you would SAVE ME A SEAT at camp green lake so i can dig HOLES with DOLL PEOPLE on my 11th BIRTHDAY(S) -- 185

Magical Unicorn Readers -- 168

Reading Robots -- 185

Repetitive Readers "Read, Record, Repeat" -- 202

Royal Bookworms -- 186

The Team Who Must Not Be Named -- 189


Thank you again for participating in the Battle of the Books. We are already starting plans for our 15th Annual Battle of the Books!

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