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ROAD TRIP! Audiobooks: How They Might Improve Your Life

ROAD TRIP! Audiobooks: How They Might Improve Your Life

For many people, the dreaded time stuck in a car for the annual road trip is the only circumstance in which they'll consider listening to an audiobook. However, audiobooks can provide listeners with a lot more than a distraction. As a format, they are easily accessible, and despite time limitations and other barriers, audiobooks can be entertaining, informative, or, even, life-changing.

Audiobooks, specifically digital eAudiobooks, are always at your fingertips. They can be downloaded at any time, from almost any location, and you can listen (read) while you go about your daily life. This is quite different from a traditional reading experience, which requires time and a relatively calm environment. Traditional reading also often requires more energy, particularly when the content is complex, long, or emotional. As a result, many adults who at one time loved to read, give it up. This is unfortunate because reading was a source of joy for these people. More importantly, not having access to reading can negatively impact an individual’s personal growth and interior life (emotions, personality, self-awareness, empathy, spirituality, etc.). In addition to lowering time and energy barriers, audiobooks present an alternative mode of information for those who don’t enjoy reading. In situations where any or all of these barriers are present, audiobooks allow listeners to maintain or build rich reading habits despite life’s many demands. 

Audiobooks are accessible and remove barriers to entertaining and, potentially, life-improving content. Listening to audiobooks may prove beneficial to you, whether it be on your next road trip or throughout the larger journey of your life.  

The benefits of listening to audiobooks may include: 

  • engage you while performing other tasks throughout the day. 
  • entertain you with performative readings.  
  • consume content at your preferred pace using the playback speed setting.  
  • share a reading (listening) experience with others.  
  • maintain or start an active reading habit. 
  • gain a sense of accomplishment when you complete a book despite a full schedule.  
  • consume books when you are too mentally, emotionally, or physically worn out to read. 
  • stay up-to-date with your favorite authors and genres despite other demands.  
  • gain exposure to new authors or genres you do not have the energy or interest to sit and read.  
  • tackle longer or more complex books, or series of books.  
  • provides an opportunity to listen to personal favorites you have not been able to return to for years.  
  • gives you opportunities to explore hobbies, interests, or disciplines that when reading, you find a bit intimidating. 
  • research an inquiry or area of interest despite a hectic schedule.  
  • exposure to others’ perspectives and opposing viewpoints from your own.  
  • listen to content that directly leads to healthier relationships and communication in your personal and professional life.  
  • regularly consume content that contributes to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and growth.  

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